At the heart of learning is your child. Online Adventures provide the opportunity for your child to put their fingerprint on education and make it their own. More than just instructions and suggested materials to make a product, Online Adventures projects are adjustable, engaged, and guided learning, all from the comfort of your home.

iLEAD Online Adventures! is our virtual project-based-learning option for those learners who prefer a simplified approach to online learning.

Each series of hands-on learning activities reinforces our online projects. Under every project, there is an authentic and cross-disciplinary challenge. A good project solves a problem! Learners have the opportunity to express creativity, use problem-solving skills, and apply learned content to real-world problems.

Learners will dive deep into the weekly content, which culminates with a project related to real-world skills. Our facilitator does the hard work for you: from supporting growth opportunities to providing feedback and assessing your child’s strengths. Parents/caregivers can partner as little or as much as desired.

Daily live sessions are available to allow for engagement and live learning activities and support.


Track C Adventures begin July 1: Please click HERE for Track C courses.

Track A Adventures begin August 29:

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Grade K: Grade K Learning Experiences

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