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Instructor: Jeanne McNiff-Hendzlik
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible
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Learning Experience 1: Hello, Neighbor! + Animally (Quarter 1) 
Hello, Neighbor!: This class engages students in an exploration of self, family and community. Kindergarteners will engage in a learning journey focused on “all about me”, their family, and others in the world around them. This experience guides students through a project of celebration of community and each member of it, including themselves. Being a good neighbor starts with a “Hello”

Animally: Kindergartners will explore the wonder filled world of animals, building a love and knowledge for nature and other living things in the world. As compassionate investigators they will take their discoveries and become authors and artists to create a story and masterpiece representing their favorite creature on this “animally” adventure.

Learning Experience 2: Once Upon a Time … + Splat! (Quarter 2) 
Once Upon a Time …: Kindergarteners will dive into the magical world of fantasy with fairy tales and nursery rhymes. They will embark on journeys of play, stories, and creative experiences set in new lands and times. A project of a magical envelope addressed to a “Once Upon a Time” icon or a design of a fairytale role play will wrap up their journey. Bippity, Boppity, Boop!

Splat!: As young artists, Kindergarteners will explore the messy and fascinating world of famous artists in a hands-on and creative way. With splashes of history, exploration of the worlds that come to life in art and dollops of artistic experiences – this adventure is sure to end with a vibrant project of canvases and masterpieces.

Learning Experience 3: Not a Box… + Wheels, Roads, and Places to Go! (Quarter 3) 

Not a Box…: Igniting their inner Architect, Kindergartners will explore building, constructive problem solving,and the creative process of how to transform boxes and other loose parts into new creations that only their imagination can bring to life.

Wheels, Roads, and Places to Go!: Kindergartners will explore vehicles, traveling, and how to get from one place to the next. A rev worthy project of bringing their very own community to life using maps or travel pathways makes this adventure worth racing into.

Learning Experience 4: I Spy… + Rainbow ‘Round Me (Quarter 4) 

I Spy…: With a magnifying glass, the great outdoors and curiosity Kindergartners will explore the world of the many things they can SPY! Exploring colors, patterns and attributes through real life treasures and trinkets they will navigate through a journey of creating their very own “I Spy” adventure.

Rainbow ‘Round Me: Kindergartners will explore rainbows of all sorts, discovering the magic of colors within the world of weather, science and nature. They will be investigators, scientists, gardeners, chefs and more!

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