FAQs & Enrollment Questions

Does iLEAD Online offer UC-approved science labs?

iLEAD Online science courses are UC/CSU “d” credit approved, and our labs make up at least 20% of those courses. The lab process includes options for hands-on activities paired with opportunity for thoughtful inquiry and analysis.

iLEAD Online does offer a combination of virtual science labs and on-site science labs during our regular school year.

What support do you provide learners?

Our courses are built with accommodation and customization in mind for all learners.

iLEAD Online learners have access to real-time tutors, access to meet with course facilitators as needed, and are assigned a one-to-one academic coach. Our academic coaches provide personal attention in order to support and advocate for you and to help you customize your learning plan. All iLEAD learners complete an onboarding orientation to master LMS navigation, netiquette, and digital citizenship training. These digital soft skills are essential in a quality online program.

Special Needs Learners:

All iLEAD Online course facilitators offer one-to-one support to create customized learning plans to encourage active learning and support learners as needed. Support is available upon request for all learners with and without IEPs. That includes offering closed captioning, alternative resources, adjusting print resources, and making audio resources available as needed. As our courses are aligned to iNOCAL standards, rich media are provided in multiple formats for ease of use and access in order to address diverse student needs.

For part-time learners, we are available to work with each student’s school to provide appropriate accommodations per the IEP. We also have training and support from our own Student Support team should our facilitators need assistance modifying or accommodating.

For full-time iLEAD Online learners, we offer complete Student Support services with a dedicated Student Support facilitator.

How do I withdraw or drop a course?

Please request to drop courses here.

This form may be used to drop a single course or to withdraw from full-time enrollment with iLEAD Online.

Please list the name of the course you would like to withdraw from in the comment section of the form.

  • Courses must be dropped within 20 calendar days of course enrollment start date.
  • Early access start : courses must be dropped within 20 calendar days of first day of early access to course.
  • Track C July/August session courses must be dropped within 3 days in order to receive refund.
  • iLEAD Online must be notified by submitting this form of withdrawal request no more than 20 calendar days from course enrollment start date/early access start date.
  • This form serves as a written withdrawal request.

Course withdrawal date is the date that iLEAD Online is notified of withdrawal.

How do I request my transcripts?

Please request your transcripts here.

If you would like an unofficial transcript emailed to you, please add that information in the comment section of the request.

If you need an official transcript mailed to a school, please provide the school name and address.

Does my child need to be vaccinated to attend iLEAD Online?

Children can attend a public independent-study program as long as they are not engaged in classroom-based instruction, regardless of their immunization status. iLEAD Online meets the criteria of an independent-study program for purposes of enrollment. While you must submit any vaccine records you have, the record does not need to document all required vaccines for entry.

What makes you different from other online schools?

At iLEAD Online, we value each learner as a whole person. Social-emotional learning, enrichment opportunities outside of academics, coaching for college and career, and personalized instruction are tools we use to give a comprehensive experience. You are not just a student ID number to us, and we work hard to get to know your learning style, your unique strengths, and how we can best serve you. Each of our full-time learners is assigned an academic coach to help them navigate their experience. Our facilitators (teachers) are all highly qualified, credentialed teachers and we have a rigorous hiring process that ensures we have passionate and skilled staff well versed in online education. Our courses are full of project-based learning with opportunities for discussion and authentic engagement. Celebrate your unique strengths with us as a part of your high school experience!

Dual Enrollment: May I take courses at a college while enrolled with iLEAD Online full-time?

Yes! We encourage our learners to take college courses when it fits in their learning plan. Learners may not take more than 11 college credits while enrolled in a high school full-time. College courses do not count as part of the four minimum semester courses required for full time iLEAD Online enrollment. It is possible to earn an AA while also enrolled at iLEAD Online. Please contact your academic coach if you wish to take college courses while enrolled full time at iLEAD Online Charter School. Our academic coaches specialize in customizing an appropriate learning plan for each learner.

Contact us for more information.

I am a homeschool student. How do I use instructional funds to enroll with iLEAD Online individual courses?

iLEAD Online Course Publisher Courses: All homeschool families using instructional funds

  • Select your course
  • At final checkout, choose the Homeschool Instructional Funds Invoice option for your applicable home study learners program.

  • Your school/Teacher of Record will submit a purchase order to iLEAD Online for lump-sum invoiced amount.
  • Your school/Teacher of Record will issue the transcripts/grades.
  • Your home school must add the iLEAD Online Course Publisher course to their school UC list to ensure UC credit.

Click here to withdraw/drop course: Refund in full for course if withdrawal form is submitted within 20 calendar days from enrollment date. *Summer session courses must be dropped within five days.

What is your school calendar?

iLEAD Online operates year-round. We offer two tracks:

  • Track C begins in summer and is paced to allow learners to focus on one course at a time.
  • Track A begins in fall and is our more traditional school calendar.

You may choose to work on pace with the suggested school calendar for your track, or create your own pacing guide on a modified learning plan designed with the help of your learning guide or facilitator.

For our default iLEAD Calendar pacing guides, please see the Calendar tab.

Please contact your course facilitator if you are interested in an alternative pacing calendar option.

We do offer both A and B sections year-round. (You may take semester A of a course in spring, for example.)

Before you will be added to any course, you must complete a one-time orientation to master LMS navigation, netiquette, and digital citizenship training. These digital soft skills are essential in a quality online program.

How do I enroll full-time in your school?

Enroll full-time with iLEAD Online

Interested in becoming a full-time iLEAD Online student?

We are a tuition-free public charter school enrolling learners for this school year in grades TK-12. Students in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, or Kern counties are invited to apply for enrollment at iLEAD Online. We offer two year-round tracks. See track calendars here.

Intent to Enroll: Please click here.

Please contact us for more information about our full-time iLEAD Online Charter School.

iLEAD full-time students are not enrolled in any other public school and take only iLEAD Online courses. If you are looking for a homeschool program with instructional funds, visit our sister school, iLEAD Exploration, for more information. If you are enrolled in another public school and wish to take part-time iLEAD Online courses, see Individual Course Enrollment options.

How do I enroll in individual courses at iLEAD Online?

1. iLEAD Online individual courses are available year-round.

    1. iLEAD Online provides transcripts upon request upon completion of individual courses.
    2. Our school referral form is recommended but not required to confirm your enrollment with your current school for both the summer track and the academic year. Please confirm enrollment in courses with your current school.
    3. If you are interested in taking courses from iLEAD Online and are enrolled at another school, please contact us for more information or proceed to the course catalog to enroll in your courses.
    4. For Homeschool learners using instructional funds, please see FAQ for Homeschool Learners.
    5. For Summer Track learning options, please see Summer Track FAQ.

2. iLEAD Online Course Publisher Courses

    1. This option is most often used by homeschools, charter schools, and sometimes private schools to offer UC-approved courses for their school.
    2. Your school/Teacher of Record may order the iLEAD Online Course Publisher course for you.
    3. Your school/Teacher of Record issues the grade and transcript for the course.
    4. Your homeschool must add the iLEAD Online Course Publisher course to their school UC list to ensure UC credit.

3. For learners already enrolled full-time at one of our iLEAD sites/programs

    1. Go to the course catalog and select your courses.
    2. At final checkout, choose the “Full-Time iLEAD Learner” option.
    3. There is no charge for courses for any iLEAD California school learner.
    4. For iLEAD Exploration/home-study learners, please see FAQ for Homeschool Students on how to apply instructional funds.
    5. Your enrollment will be verified with your iLEAD site/program.
    6. The order invoice is for your information only.

Are your high school courses NCAA and UC a-g approved?

All iLEAD Online courses that are eligible are NCAA-approved courses and/or UC a-g approved courses. See our course catalog for details. Learners in science courses who wish to earn a-g credit must satisfy the lab requirement.

Non-iLEAD schools that are working in partnership with iLEAD Online may add iLEAD Online courses to their UC a-g lists as an adopted Online Publisher Course. Contact us for more information.

How do I meet with my facilitators?

Learners can communicate with their course facilitators via email, text, or phone. You should receive a reply within 24 hours on school days.

Science lab schedules are posted each semester.

iLEAD Online offers a live chat tutor service Monday through Friday. This live chat tutor is available on your home LMS home portal to assist with course technical questions, navigation, and academic coaching. Learners have an opportunity to meet with facilitators at one of our iLEAD learning studios by appointment. Learners who are unable to meet at a learning studio have the option of meeting via online video/chat with their facilitator by appointment.

For most of our core subject courses, we offer optional synchronous (real-time) class meetings. We also offer on-site iLEAD activities, workshops, and science labs.

What online content provider do you use?

We do not use a purchased curriculum. Our project-based, personalized learning courses are all developed and taught by our highly qualified, credentialed iLEAD facilitators.

Our facilitators are project-based-learning experts and tailor courses to your learner’s needs. They are happy to modify projects, assignments, and courses to best fit the learning plan needed to support your child’s success.

By focusing on project-based learning as opposed to computer-based testing, we ensure deeper, more authentic learning. Your learner will be held to a higher accountability measure than at many online programs and will be required to go beyond the typical computer-based testing model.

How long are iLEAD courses?

High school courses are designated as one-semester or two-semester (full-year) courses.

Elementary and middle school courses are eight-week (one-quarter) short courses designed to mix and match à la carte to complete a full semester of content within a subject area. For example, you may choose any two language arts courses to complete your semester of language arts. Math courses are designed to be taken in sequence, but all others may be taken in the order of learner choice.

There are two pacing options:
  1. Work on schedule with the suggested school pacing calendar for your track.
  2. Create a personal pacing guide designed with the help of your learning coach or facilitator.

For our default calendar pacing guides, please see the Calendars tab in our menu.

Please contact your course facilitator if you are interested in an alternative pacing calendar option.

Individual courses must be completed by the end of the selected academic semester or quarter indicated at enrollment.

Each semester, we allow for at least one week of mandatory online orientation and at least one week of POLs (Presentations of Learning) at our sites and programs.

We do offer both A and B sections year round (you may take Semester A of a course in spring, for example).

Before you will be added to any course, you must complete a one-time orientation to master LMS navigation, netiquette and digital citizenship training. These digital soft skills are essential in a quality online program.

For more information on how to enroll at iLEAD Online