FAQ’s & Resources

When can I begin my iLEAD Online Course?

Although iLEAD Online does follow the school calendar (August-June) we do enroll learners throughout the school year.  You may choose to work on pace with the school calendar, or on a modified learning plan designed with the help of your learning guide or facilitator. Many learners choose to accelerate their courses, and some focus on one course at a time.

We do offer both A and B sections year round (you may take Semester A of a course in Spring for example)


Before you will be added to any course, all learners must complete a one time orientation to master LMS navigation,  netiquette and digital citizenship training. These digital soft skills are essential in a quality online program.

I am not an iLEAD learner, can I take your courses?

Yes! We have options for learners who are not currently enrolled at one of our iLEAD sites or programs.

1. Enroll in iLEAD Online Courses for credit at your home school.

iLEAD Online courses are now available for purchase for learners outside of iLEAD.

  • iLEAD Online works in partnership with your school or district to provide course credit for your student. Please confirm with your school that your selected iLEAD Online course will be approved for credit before purchasing an iLEAD Online course.
  • iLEAD Online provides Grade Recommendation Reports for students taking our courses. Since the credit comes from the student’s school of record, not iLEAD Online, you can request that the Grade Recommendation Report be sent to the school, so the grade can be added to the student’s official school transcript.

If you are interested in taking courses from iLEAD Online and are enrolled at another school, Please contact us for more information on how to purchase iLEAD Online courses.


2. Enroll full time at one of our iLEAD sites

If you are interested in becoming a full time iLEAD learner and taking all or mostly iLEAD Online courses, contact us for information on how to become an iLEAD Learner.

Typically, our online learners choose to enroll in one of our programs:

Are your high school courses UC a-g approved?

Yes,  iLEAD online courses are UC a-g approved courses. See our course catalog for details. Learners in science courses who wish to earn a-g credit must satisfy the lab requirement.

Non-iLEAD Schools may add iLEAD courses to their UC a-g lists as an adopted Online Publisher Course. Contact us for more information.

How do I meet with my facilitators?

Learners have an opportunity to meet with facilitators at our learning studios weekly by appointment.

Science lab schedules are posted each semester.

iLEAD Online offers a live chat Tutor service M-F. This live chat tutor is available on your home LMS home portal to assist with course technical questions, navigation and academic coaching.
Learners who are unable to meet at a learning studio have the option of meeting via online video/chat meeting with their facilitator by appointment.

How much iLEAD Online courses cost?
  • All iLEAD online courses are no cost to learners enrolled at iLEAD Online sites.
  • Exploration Homeschool Program learners may use instructional funds to access iLEAD Online courses.
  • Courses may be dropped within the first 20 days of enrollment with a full refund. Course withdrawal date is the date that iLEAD Online is notified of withdrawal. 

Fees for Exploration Homeschool Program Learners :

  • Middle school quarter course (8 weeks): $120. per quarter course
  • Upper (High) School Semester Course(16 weeks) $240. per semester course.

Fees for non-iLEAD Learners:

  • Middle school quarter course (8 weeks): $120. per quarter course
  • Upper (High) School Semester Course(16 weeks) $240. per semester course.
What online content provider do you use?

We do not use purchased canned curriculum. Our courses are all developed and taught by our skilled iLEAD facilitators as project based, personalized learning courses.

Our facilitators are Project Based Learning experts and place emphasis on tailoring courses to your learner’s needs.  They are happy to modify projects, assignments and courses to best fit the learning plan needed to support success.

Because we focus on project based learning as opposed to computer based testing we ensure deeper, more authentic learning.  Your learner will be held to a higher accountability measure than many online programs and be required to go beyond the typical computer based testing model.

How long are the iLEAD Courses?

Upper School/High School Courses are designated as one semester or 2 semester (full year) courses.

Each semester, we allow for one week of  Mandatory online Orientation and one week of POL (Presentations of Learning) Showcase at our sites and programs.

Our typical Upper School semester:

  • 1 week mandatory Orientation
  • 16 weeks content course
  • 1 week POL

Middle School Courses are 8 week ( 1 quarter) short courses that are designed to mix and match/ a la carte to complete a full semester of content within a subject area. For example, choose any 2 Language Arts Courses to complete your semester of Language Arts. Math courses are designed to be taken in sequence, but all others may be taken in the order of learner choice.

Our typical middle school semester:

  • 1 week mandatory Orientation
  • 8 week content course
  • 8 week content course
  • 1 week POL
For more information on how to enroll in iLEAD online: