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iLEAD Online offers a comprehensive selection of courses in core subject areas as well as a wide variety of electives to augment your school curriculum or fill in gaps for course credit recovery.

Learner Spotlight

Unique, ongoing, real-time Learner/Facilitator collaboration and support.

iLEAD Online offers a variety of support and learning scaffolding resources including ongoing real-time facilitator support to help ensure your successful completion of the course materials.

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Personalized learning that guides you on a directed path to success.

iLEAD Online uses original, facilitator created courses which elegantly assist you in successfully managing your learning plan, calendar, lessons and projects. We emphasize learner choice and project based learning. Learners are actively involved in designing their own learning plan in partnership with their facilitators.

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What Our Families Are Saying

  • Your staff is always so positive that I think both learners and families want to be a part of it all.
    Sandra B.
  • I enjoy my online classes. They help give me a flexible school schedule so I can devote more time to filmmaking.
    Griffin L.
  • Attending iLEAD Online has allowed me to go to auditions and work as a professional actor.
    Garrett K.
  • iLEAD Online has given my daughter a place to learn with less anxiety. We are so grateful for our charter.
    Bonnie M. S.
  • The best thing we ever did was enroll our learner at iLEAD Online.
    Janet R.
  • I was able to complete my work between training times, which has allowed me to become the athlete I am today.
    iLEAD Online Senior
  • The flexibility and choices that I had because of this school have allowed me to pursue both academic and extracurricular goals that would not have been possible otherwise.
    iLEAD Online Alumnus
  • Thank you for the quality classes and teacher/student support you provide to so many families.
    Jennifer R.
  • I am impressed with the way iLEAD’s teachers value my child’s individuality and are working with her and encouraging her all the time!
    iLEAD Online Parent
  • The academic coaches and facilitators give great feedback that builds learner self-esteem.
    iLEAD Online Parent
  • The learning choices very much support social-emotional learning, which is something I genuinely appreciate.
    iLEAD Online Parent
  • We love iLEAD and appreciate all the opportunities our children have because of the team that works diligently to make sure our needs are met!
    Bonnie M. S.

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