iLEAD Adventures: Grade 2


Instructor: Jodi Saenz
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible
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Learning Experience 1: Meaningful Matters + Brilliant Biomes (Quarter 1) 

Meaningful Matters: Our world and its inhabitants matter! We all contribute to the world around us in one way or another. Our gifts and actions affect the people and the environment around us. In this Adventure, we are going to explore what it means to matter and what matter means. Together we are going to explore heroes of the past, how time has changed, beautiful ecosystems of the world, fairy tales, number puzzles and more. I am so excited you are here for this incredible adventure!

Brilliant Biomes: Explore the brilliant biomes of the world in this Adventure. As we move through the world and its communities, we will gain knowledge and develop a deeper love for ourselves and the world around us. Explorers will love the communities and adventures in each expedition!

Learning Experience 2: Nifty Now and Then + Cooperating Competitions (Quarter 2) 

Nifty Now and Then: Students will have a chance to understand how things change over time and gain knowledge about important people of the past who have made a difference. Our adventure will also let us explore how each one of us makes a difference too.

Cooperating Competitions: What does it mean to collaborate, compete, and cooperate? This Adventure explores HOW the world and its creatures SHARE the same space. Learners explore the causes and effects of all these relationships. Actions and reactions matter and make a difference.

Learning Experience 3: Incredible Influencers + Magnificent Migrations (Quarter 3) 

Incredible Influencers: This Adventure invites explorers to learn what it means to be an influencer. Through art, science, language arts and math, we will learn what it means to influence and be influenced. Learners explore the influences of our physical world and build social emotional skills as they explore the world around us.

Magnificent Migrations: In this Adventure we will explore what it means to migrate. Who or what migrates and why? What happens to the world around us when migrations occur? Join us to dive into an ocean of movers and shakers in this amazing learning experience!

Learning Experience 4: Beautiful Biographies + Wondrous World (Quarter 4) 

Beautiful Biographies: Biographies tell the story of the people around us. They let us reflect on how we interact with each other, ourselves and our environment. Learners explore some amazing individuals and think about what kind of biography they would want written about them. Each of us has a hero inside; a hero making a difference in the world and this Experience lets learners explore what heroism really means.

Wondrous World: Explore the many wonders of our world in this Adventure. Learners will climb mountains, uncover buried treasure, discover the power of water, and understand the shape of our continents and oceans. This adventure gives learner the perfect opportunity to explore the physical world and its inhabitants from each and every corner of the globe.

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