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Instructor: Jeanne McNiff-Hendzlik
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible
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Learning Experience 1: Leading with My Heart + Red, White and Blue: Patriots and Heroes (Quarter 1) 
Leading with My Heart: An Exploration of becoming a Compassionate Citizen, First Graders will investigate the roles of being a caring and positive community member and leader. As authors and illustrators or game designers they will bring their vision of inspirational citizenship to life.

Red, White and Blue: Patriots and Heroes: A journey of learning about America and the iconic people, places and symbols related from history to present. Students will explore biographies and national symbols to transform into historians and patriotic adventurers.

Learning Experience 2: All that Jazz… + Earthling in Orbit (Quarter 2) 

All that Jazz…: A musical journey including the joys of jazz and other musical genres partnered with a twist of the science of sound. Students will bridge together the worlds of music, math, science and more as they become composers and instrument engineers. This adventure gets the young heart, mind, and soul marching to the beat!

Earthling in Orbit: an exploration of space, movement, light and sound and one’s relationship with it. First Graders will become scientists as they engage in experiments and experiences that take them beyond galaxies.

Learning Experience 3: Seed to Table + Going to Market… (Quarter 3) 

Seed to Table: First Graders will embark on a journey of learning about farms and the journey of food from seed to table. They will have the opportunity to be investigators, gardeners and chefs! A warm blanket of soil, spray of water and ray or sun will help these young seedlings grow!

Going to Market…: First Graders will learn about the many resources and products of their local community. They will embark on a journey that moves them along the path of being the gatherer of information to becoming the tour guide of their own community, by engaging in an economic project of produce, products, and resources.

Learning Experience 4: We Built This City… + Fizzle! Pop! – Young Scientists (Quarter 4) 

We Built This City…: a journey of engineering and constructive project work in which First Graders will bridge together their problem solving skills, inner mathematician and imagination to create their very own cities and skyscrapers. The sky’s the limit!

Fizzle! Pop! – Young Scientists: This class engages First Graders into the skills of observation, communication, exploration, measurement, and more! With many experiments and rich provocations, they are able to become expert explorers of science.

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Adventure Box Only, Learning Experience 3 (Jan 23-Mar 17), Learning Experience 4 (Mar 20-June 9), Learning Experience 1 (Aug 29-Oct 21), Learning Experience 2 (Oct 24-Jan 20)

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