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Instructor: Jeanne McNiff-Hendzlik
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible
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Learning Experience 1: (Quarter 1)

Adventure 1: I am an Adventurer! guides learners through explorations of discovering what types of people and adventurers there are all over the world. They will explore the places, tools, and roles that are a part of work and play in communities. This adventure culminates with each learner sharing what type of adventurer they are now or would like to be in the future through a project-based creative creation.

Adventure 2: Out of this World: guides learners through exploring living things on earth and on planets that are out of this world … including imaginary ones. Through project-based learning, adventurers will use their newly gained knowledge of living things, environments, and earth to design their very own planet.

Learning Experience 2: (Quarter 2)

Adventure 3: Hey Diddle, Diddle … A Nursery Rhyme Detective: guides learners through an adventure of using their detective skills to identify and solve the challenges of nursery rhymes. It is an adventure packed with rich literacy and problem-solving opportunities!

Adventure 4: How Does My Story Start? guides learners through an adventure of becoming a storyteller of their very own stories with the art of illustration, dictation, oral tale-telling, writing and more. Inspired by inviting and captivating stories of other storytellers and authors, adventures will build connection and community as they share their own stories with fellow adventurers.

Learning Experience 3: (Quarter 3)

Adventure 5: Not a Stick: Sparking their inner imagination and maker skills, TK Adventurers will explore creative problem-solving and inventiveness as they use sticks and other loose parts to transform simple ordinary tools into extraordinary creations.

Adventure 6: Red Light, Green Light: A speedy adventure of community and signs! TK Adventurers will build real word connections as they become a part of a community helper team to improve the neighborhood with their own map and sign-making skills.

Learning Experience 4: (Quarter 4)

Adventure 7: Treasure Island: Using problem-solving, engineering, and math skills adventurers will solve the challenges of a shipwreck on treasure island. This adventure will be a challenge full of imagination, patterns, shapes, survival, and more. Ahoy!

Adventure 8: Welcome to the Table: Each adventurer will embark on an adventure of becoming a host of their very own table party! This adventure will include a seed-to-table journey with explorations of gardening, culinary creations, family and design. Bon appetit!


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Adventure Box Only, Learning Experience 3 (Jan 23-Mar 17), Learning Experience 4 (Mar 20-June 9), Learning Experience 1 (Aug 29-Oct 21), Learning Experience 2 (Oct 24-Jan 20)

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