Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Dec 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Online Adventures: Grade 6


Instructor: Kristin Gunderson
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Each series of hands-on learning activities corresponds to an online course and covers four core subjects: English language arts, math, science, and social science. T. Under every project, there is an authentic and cross-disciplinary challenge. A good project solves a problem! Learners have the opportunity to express creativity, use problem-solving skills, and apply learned content to real-world problems.

Both the learner and parent partner with a credentialed teacher to dive deep into the weekly content, which culminates with a project related to real-world skills. Our facilitator does the hard work for you: from supporting growth opportunities to providing feedback and assessing your child’s strengths, parents can partner as little or as much as desired.

Weekly live sessions allow for engagement with other students and parents, conversation with the facilitator (teacher), and live learning activities and support.

Learning Experience 1: Picture This! (Quarter 1) 

In Social Science, Language Arts & Science :In this adventure, learners will explore the question of “How can we as historians and photojournalists uncover and share stories about our community?” 6th graders will be looking into the roles archaeology and anthropology play in unveiling early man and ancient civilizations. Learners will use photographs, writings, and any other form of documentation in order to learn and understand about the past. While learners learn about the history of ancient civilizations they will practice their own uncovering of the past within their local community. Learners will identify themes and topics related to their communities, interview local community members, and capture photos. They will use the interviews and photos to develop photographic essays that visually document local cultural and social stories. Learners will showcase their findings at a virtual gallery. Along with learning about ancient civilizations, 6th graders will inquire about the Earth’s process and how these processes impact and influence civilizations and history. At the end of the project learners will understand how geography and climate impacts their community. In Math: 6th graders will explore the Number System, which includes topics such as ordering numbers on a number line, opposites, ordered pairs, and absolute value.

Learning Experience 2: Designing a Nation!(Quarter 2)

In Social Science, Language Arts & Science :In this adventure, learners will explore the question of “How can we as designers, create a civilization and tell its story through a journalism lens?” 6th graders will be looking into thriving ancient civilizations and exploring global connections through engaging in journalism. Learners will learn about sources and facts to create Newspaper articles. While learners learn about global communities they will create their own civilizations. Learners will use their learning to create all of the necessary components of civilization.    Along with creating a civilization, 6th graders will investigate natural disasters such as earthquakes and their scientific processes. At the end of the project learners will understand earthquakes impact land masses and communities. In Math: 6th graders will explore algebraic expressions, formulas, parts of an expression, properties of multiplication, distributive property, and identifying equivalent expressions. 

Learning Experience 3: Stargazers (Quarter 3)

In this adventure, learners will explore the question of “How can we, as modern scientists, expand our learning of astronomy by studying ancient Greece?” 6th graders will be studying Ancient Greece and creating connections to modern astronomy.  In Math: Learners will understand and evaluate Equations and Inequalities. In Social Studies – 6th graders will explore Ancient Greece: Government, geography, mythology,  In Language Arts – Learners will analyze and interpret Fables, short stories and the elements of short stories. In Science – Learners will gain deeper knowledge of space and the solar system

Learning Experience 4: The Best Vacay Ever!(Quarter 4) 

In this adventure, learners will apply their knowledge of math to plan a dream summer vacation. The driving question that will guide the project is  “How do my math skills help me become a world traveler when my resources are limited?” 6th graders will work with a set budget to plan all aspects of their dream vacation. They will learn how to apply the math skills they are working on, understand working with a budget and research all of the parts of planning an international vacation. In Math: Learners examine conversions, volume, area, percentages, ratios and polygons. In Social Studies – Learners will explore Ancient Civilizations from around the world. In Language Arts – Learners will study short stories, figurative language and literary devices. In Science – Learners will analyze climate change, human impact and endangered species

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