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Instructor: Ben Williams, Katherine Witzmann,
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Learning Experience 1: Face to Face (Quarter 1) 

During this adventure 7th graders will explore the use of masks in various ancient and current world cultures. Masks can have different origins, meanings and purposes. Learners will get a chance to infer how masks have been used in different rituals, fashion and occupations around the world.  7th graders will consider how masks function as objects that enhance beauty and appearance, provide protection or concealment, display power, or indicate change and transformation. Along with learning about ancient and modern cultures, learners will embark on a self reflection journey to answer the course driving question of  “What masks do I wear in my daily life?”. Learners will artistically create different masks, write poetry and craft a personal narrative in this adventure.  Along with learning about different ancient civilizations and cultures. 7th graders will look at diversity and how DNA and genes influence what we look like on the outside. Does it influence the “mask” they wear?  At the end of the adventure, learners will gain knowledge on what genes are, how they work, how we use them to predict offspring, and effects of changes to their DNA.

Learning Experience 2: Sustainable Systems(Quarter 2) 

Driving question:“How can you create or reimagine a sustainable system?”

During this adventure, 7th graders will explore the course and ultimate fall of the Roman system, and other European kingdoms during the Middle Ages in their class. They will learn about the different cultures and styles of governments unique to each area. Learners will then infer whether a particular system will be successful based on its qualities. Learners will use this information to plan out their own system or reimagine a system to make it more sustainable.  Learners will develop the written and verbal skills to effectively win an argument. They will create an argument that is strong, decisive, and eloquent. Along the way, they will discover other great orators as well as practice a variety of “argumentative” styles. Learners will use this skill to argue for the success of their system.  Learners will explore cells. You will observe different types of cells, see how they function and work together to create tissues, organs, and organ systems — and determine what happens when they don’t function correctly. Learners will apply this learning to their system and think of the details that will make their system function smoothly as a cell does. 

Learning Experience 3:Modern Renaissance (Quarter 3)

This quarter learners will be examining the 1400-1700’s Europe. They will analyze the causes and the impact of the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, and the Age of Exploration. Welcome to I’m Only Human! In this  class you will be learning about many of the body systems of the human body! You will be able to apply your knowledge through engaging activities and lab demonstrations. Finally, We will be studying several short stories by Ray Bradbury. Sticking to a common science fiction genre will help us study plot elements, theme, and figurative language. Students will be able to apply these skills to creative projects and literary analysis assignments. 

Learning Experience 4: Mindful Matters (Quarter 4) 

Driving Question: How can you gain a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual through reflection and understanding of the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Traits?

Learners will study twelve Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Traits. They will be challenged to take a deeper dive into understanding the meaning of one SEL trait and how it is exemplified in their own life and by their role models. This project will help them connect to traits they admire in their role models and explore the trait in their own life.  7th graders will focus on character analysis, sequencing, comparing/contrasting, and comprehension while reading the book Call of the Wild.  This quarter, learners will explore deeper into the three larger empires that influenced the region: The Mayan, The Aztecs, and the Incans. We will examine the geography of the region, and that shaped the empires. Topics that will be covered in science this quarter include evolutionary relationships, natural selection, ecological interactions, and lab analysis.

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