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Instructor: Audrey Godde
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Learning Experience 1: The Story of Me (Quarter 1)

Learners embark on an adventure to answer the question, “What do stories teach us about Identity?” In this course, learners will explore identity through science, language arts, social science and music. As 5th graders explore how identity is formed and influenced in many different ways, they will get a chance to write a story of their own about their own identity and uniqueness. 

Learning Experience 2: Selling Colonial America (Quarter 2) 

5th graders will “go back in time” and gain knowledge about Colonial America and the 13 colonies. Learners will investigate the economic attractiveness, religious attributes, demographics, geography, educational, and housing lure of colonial America. For language arts, 5th graders will read informational text and learn how to craft a persuasive essay. Learners will get an opportunity to become engineers and build their own colonial tools through science challenges (STEM). At the end of the adventure, learners will create a commercial to attract immigrants and inform others about your colony including its resources, relations with Native Americans, economy, religion, and individuals’ reasons for settling.  

Learning Experience 3: Voices of the Revolution (Quarter 3) 

Learners will become historians by Investigating the causes and outcome of the American Revolutionary War by looking at it from different perspectives. Learners will not only have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the American colonial leaders and the British but also the French, indigenous people, enslaved Africans, and members of various social classes in the colonies. At the end of this adventure, learners will plan and create engaging podcasts to share about the revolutionary war. The 5th grade science adventure consists of a journey about space and various planets in our solar system. This learning adventure is full of hands-on activities, critical thinking and exciting live campfire sessions.

Learning Experience 4: Body Systems Investigators (Quarter 4) 

In this adventure, learners become scientists by investigating the different body systems of the human body and how they work together to keep our body going. Learners will then get a chance to solve a “medical mystery” by applying their knowledge of the body systems. Learners will continue exploring systems by looking at the early American government system.  This adventure will guide students into understanding how the constitution was created and why there is a Bill of Rights. Learners will finish up the quarter by analyzing the impact of western expansion on early America. 

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