Part-Time/Vendor Learner Withdrawal Form

Learner Withdrawal Form

  • Courses must be dropped within 20 calendar days of the date learner is granted access to the course
  • Early access start : courses must be dropped within 20 calendar days of first day of early access to course.
  • Track C July/August session courses must be dropped within 3 days in order to receive refund.
  • iLEAD Online must be notified by submitting this form of withdrawal request no more than 20 calendar days from course enrollment start date/early access start date.
  • This form serves as a written withdrawal request.
Last day of school with iLEAD
Please list which classes are being dropped or withdrawn.
If you have any other comments to add, please put them here.
*Type full name in box* By submitting this form, the parent/guardian or Teacher of Record understands the California Education Code requires any student subject to compulsory education to be enrolled in an educational program. According to the California Education Code 48201, any parent who removes their child from school must enroll them into another school. Furthermore, Code 48403 states with prolonged absence from such enrollment, the county superintendent of schools may request a petition on his behalf in the juvenile court of the county. The student should retain this form as proof of disengagement from iLEAD Online Charter School and present it to the school of transfer on the day of enrollment. Additional documentation is available upon request from iLEAD Online Charter School. A copy of this form will be kept in the student’s record at iLEAD Online Charter School.
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