Track C Courses Begin July 1

Stay on Track… With iLEAD Online’s Track C Program

Now more than ever, there is a need for high-quality educational tools to ensure learners stay on track.

With iLEAD Online’s Track C curriculum, kids in grades TK-12 can learn at an accelerated pace, all from the comfort and safety of home for free.*

Suggested Courses for Track C
(begins July 1)

Track C is iLEAD Online’s July-start accelerated pacing option. Please order no more than three semester courses from our course catalog after completing your enrollment HERE.

Elementary and Middle School Project-Based Experiences

These courses encompass skills and content in a fun way, and each culminates in a real-world opportunity to make an impact!

Please select one course below. If you would like to also order an elective, such as a foreign language, art, or movement, we suggest no more than one PBL course and one elective course for July/August. We recommend the grade levels listed below, but learners are free to select a different level if needed.

Grades TK/K/1: Trails and Tales

Grades TK/K/1: Blast from the Past!

Grades 2/3: Junk Debunked: A Journey of Transforming Trash and Natural Materials into Treasure

Grades 4/5: Take Me to Your Leader: The Study and Design of Planets

Grades 4-6: Cooking Around the World

Grades 6/7: Kapow! What Makes a Hero Super?

Grades 7/8: Be the Change… (Young Citizens Developing Community Action Skills)

Grades K-8: Clay World Workshop

CLICK HERE to view additional courses available for grades 6-8 Track C in July/August. Please note that many courses are not offered in Track C, and that information is noted in the course description. Please contact us for support and suggestions.

High School Recommendations

Incoming Freshman High School Preparation Program: Study Skills and either Writing Rules or Algebra Foundations. Earn 7.5-10 elective credits toward graduation!

Incoming Seniors Get Ahead on the College Crunch: Guide to College Applications and Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies. Earn elective credits toward graduation in addition to getting the majority of your college apps finished!

Individual Courses: The majority of the high school course catalog is open during July/August. Please read the course description to determine if the course is offered in July/August Track C. If you need help determining which class(es) to take, please contact us.

Pacing Calendar: Our Track C courses begin July 1. Learners may withdraw at any time or may continue on Track C for the full year. Our Track C courses are paced to complete one course at a time. See our Pacing Calendar HERE.

* Tuition free when enrolled full time. Must be a resident of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, or Kern County. Learners residing outside of those counties may contact us for additional options.