Track C Course Catalog

Stay On Track… With iLEAD Online’s Track C Program

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected every corner of our lives. With schools shifting to online education, now more than ever there is a need for high-quality educational tools to ensure learners stay on track.

With iLEAD Online’s Track C curriculum, kids in grades 2-12 can learn at an accelerated pace, all from the comfort and safety of home for free*.

Suggested Courses for Track C (begins July 1, 2020)

Track C is iLEAD Online’s July -start accelerated pacing option. Please order no more than 3 semester courses from our course catalog after completing your enrollment HERE

Elementary and Middle School Project-Based Experiences

These courses encompass skills and content from all 4 core academic subject areas in a fun way that culminates in a real-world opportunity to make an impact!

Grades 2/3: Junk Debunked: A Journey of transforming Trash and Natural Materials into Treasure

Grades 4/5: Take Me to Your Leader: the Study and Design of Planets

Grades 6/7: Kapow!: What Makes a Hero Super?

Grades 7/8: Be the Change … (Young Citizens Developing Community Action Skills)

Some elementary and middle electives, languages, and math courses are available in July/August. Please contact us for support and suggestions.

High School Recommendations

Incoming Freshman High School Preparation Program: Study Skills and either Writing Rules or Algebra Foundations and earn 7.5-10 elective credits toward graduation.

Incoming Seniors Get Ahead on the College Crunch: Guide to College Applications and Senior Symposium and earn 10 elective credits toward graduation in addition to getting the majority of your college apps finished.

Individual Courses: The majority of the high school course catalog is open during July/August. If you need help determining which class(es) to take, please contact us.

*Must be a resident of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, or Kern County. Learners residing out of those counties may contact us for additional options.