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Hannah Newton lives in North Hollywood California with her mother and in Topanga with her father. She enjoys drawing writing short stories watching movies and reading Hannah has participated in multiple art shows at Carter Sexton and has contributed to AFRU Gallery’s annual kids show in Portland Oregon from 2017 to 2019 Hannah was one of the twelve recipients to when in NASA’s international Children’s Artwork Calendar in 2017 She has made a new unpublished comics and is now a practicing writer.

“Recently I was very lucky to have my art in AFRU Gallery’s annual kids show located in Portland Oregon I submitted pieces from left to right Requiem for a Rainbow , Charlie Bird and White Noise Calling which I primarily made with ink colored pencil and watercolor marker I didn’t make a sketch for any of these which means that they are just straight ink colored pencil onto paper with no guidelines.

I believe that it is important to give kids the opportunity to show their artistic skills publicly. Not only it a fun event but an experience that gives them valuable exposure and knowledge if or when they have art shows later on in their lives. Having something that you created which could potentially sell be apart of something official is invigorating especially for those at the younger age. I think that AFRU’s annual kids show leaves a general positive impact on those who participate in it. “

-Hannah Newton, Artist

Why iLEAD Online

iLEAD Online gives Hannah freedom and flexibility to work on her courses while working on her artwork.

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