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Aryan is an up-and-coming actor and singer. He started his acting career with national commercials at the age of five. By the age of 17, he already has more than a decade of acting experience with an impressive résumé in Broadway, TV, and films as a lead actor along with a Young Actor Award (YAA-BEST TEEN ACTOR 2021) under his belt. Aryan currently plays Grover Underwood in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, which is now streaming on Disney+.

Why iLEAD:

After years of attending traditional brick-and-mortar school and juggling his busy schedule and classes, Aryan finally made the switch to an online school in order to have the flexibility to work on Broadway and travel to Vancouver for Percy Jackson. After researching a lot of online schools, his family chose iLEAD, as it gave him the flexibility to work with his schedule and the curriculum that he wanted. Bonus: The teachers are awesome!


Instagram: @aryansimhadri

Facebook: Aryan Simhadri

Twitter: @AryanSimhadri

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