Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Dec 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Psychology (1 semester)


Instructor: Laureen Agee
UC a-g credit: Yes
NCAA: Not Eligible


This one-semester elective course is designed to give students an introductory overview of the major concepts in the field of psychology. It begins with a survey of history and systems in psychology, influential schools of thought, prominent figures and how each contributed to the development of the field. It provides opportunities to explore studies regarding psycho-biological processes, research methods, human development, personality theories, learning, perception, memory and psychological disorders and effective treatments. Students will create hypothesis regarding human behavior, conduct studies, collect data, sort and analyze that data and write summary conclusions. Students will hold conversations to deepen their ideas, practice using evidence to support their positions, see flaws in each other’s study designs to arrive at their own beliefs, opinions and further questions. Major goals of this course include: learning to observe human behavior without interpreting it through personal inferences; becoming better listeners; thinking about their own thought systems, experiences and beliefs in new ways (practicing metacognition); to gain insight into the behavior of those around them through familiarity and application of psychological principles, critical thinking skills and sophisticated, if not entirely formal, analysis.

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