Mindfulness (1 semester)


Instructor: Natalie Teichmann
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible


***This course is not available for the Track C July/August learning period.***

This class is open to grades 6-8 in addition to 9-12, but joining at the start of a semester is highly recommended instead of between quarters.

This course is all about YOU and living your best life. Sometimes in life, we just go through the motions and aren’t fully taking in everything around us. This course will help you develop the skills to be more mindful in each moment, allowing you to truly BE ALIVE and enjoy the most out of life. This course is all about self-reflection in different areas of your life. There are no tests or quizzes and no right or wrongs. You will be asked to bring more mindfulness into different parts of your life including your relationships, communication, emotions, eating habits, and more. You will write reflections on your experience with different mindful activities. You will also be part of a supportive and kind community as we share our journeys and offer encouragement in weekly discussion questions. I am SO excited to lead this course and offer these tools to you. They are tools I use every day in my life and wish I had learned a long time ago! They would have saved me a lot of heartache and embarrassing moments! The more you put into this course the more you will get from it. I can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow and learn!

See what our learners have to say about this course! Read below for learner reflections:

  • “I really enjoyed taking this class, especially because it lets me take time for myself and think about how I am feeling during the day. The biggest thing that I took from this class is learning to be more mindful of my relationships with things. I say things because it doesn’t have to be a relationship with another person, it can be a routine or with a habit. I am definitely going to continue with the meditation, because it improves my mood, and I am going to be more mindful before and while I am eating, which I have been enjoying doing alone and with my family.”
  • “The most beneficial part of the class for the was the mediation practices. It helped when I felt overwhelmed and anxiety. Also, I got my parents to do the meditations with me as well! Practices I will continue to use from this class are being mindful of eating and speaking. Just taking that time to enjoy a meal with friends or family without distraction of cell phones or TV and thinking before I speak because sometimes I blurt things out that I didn’t mean to say and regret later.”

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Track C starts July 1, Semester A, Semester B

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