Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Dec 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Introduction to Art History (2 semesters)

$325.00 (per semester)

Instructor: Jennifer Turnbull, Olivia Rosato
UC a-g credit: Yes
NCAA: Not Eligible


In this course learners will explore diverse historical and cultural contexts of painting, architecture, sculpture and other media.  Major forms of artistic expression from a variety of cultures, both past and present will be covered. Art history reflects the time period, culture, geography, and the political and socioeconomic status of a region’s inhabitants.  Studying art history can foster an understanding of and respect for other cultures and can contribute to an appreciation of one’s own culture.

UC/CSU “g” credit 

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Semester A, Semester B

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