Patient Care Capstone (2 semesters)

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Instructor: Harley Young
UC a-g credit: Yes
NCAA: Not Eligible
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The Patient Care Capstone course is an enriching and comprehensive program that takes your understanding of patient care to a professional level. Designed for students who have successfully completed foundational courses in patient care, this capstone course offers an immersive and hands-on experience in advanced patient care concepts.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced Healthcare Concepts: Delve deep into advanced anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, gaining a profound understanding of the human body and its response to various health conditions.
  • Specialized Patient Assessment: Develop specialized skills in patient assessment, including advanced diagnostic tools, imaging, and specialized tests. Learn to analyze and interpret diagnostic reports for comprehensive patient care.
  • Advanced Clinical Interventions: Explore advanced clinical interventions for a variety of health conditions. Understand and apply cutting-edge treatments, technologies, and therapeutic interventions to enhance patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare Management: Learn about healthcare systems, policies, and management strategies. Understand the broader context of patient care within the healthcare industry.
  • Ethical Practices and Professionalism: Gain insights into the ethical considerations and professional standards in patient care. Emphasize effective communication, patient confidentiality, and maintaining a high standard of professionalism.
  • Capstone Project: Culminate your learning with a capstone project that applies advanced patient care concepts to real-world scenarios. Showcase your ability to provide holistic and effective patient care. 

Who Should Enroll: This course is ideal for students aspiring to pursue careers in nursing, healthcare administration, or related fields. It is also suitable for those seeking a deeper understanding of advanced patient care concepts.

Prepare to elevate your patient care expertise and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals. Join us in this transformative journey through the CTE Patient Care Capstone Course!

Prerequisites: Completion of foundational patient care courses or equivalent knowledge and skills.

UC/CSU “g” credit

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