Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Dec 1, 2021 @ 18:00

I’m Only Human (1 quarter)


Instructor: Emilie Evenson
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible
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***This course is not available for the Track C/August learning period.***

In this class you will look closely at the human body and how the interactions between its many systems keep us alive.

1.  In multicellular organisms, the body is a system of multiple interacting subsystems.  These subsystems are groups of cells that work together to form tissues and organs that are specialized for particular body functions.

2.  Each sense receptor responds to different inputs, transmitting them as signals that travel along nerve cells to the brain.  The signals are then processed in the brain resulting in immediate behaviors or memories.

Recommended for : Grades 6, 7

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