Geometry Honors (2 semesters)

$385.00 (per semester)

Instructor: David Chae
UC a-g credit: Yes


Students need to see geometry all around us.  In this course, the curriculum will follow the common core standards for geometry.  But, in addition, students will have an opportunity to experience these topics outside of just a textbook.  This course is an opportunity to take a mathematical subject and bring it to a level that is engaging for students.

Have fun with figures learning the basics of geometry. You’ll boost your problem-solving prowess by applying geometry concepts to calculate angles and intersecting lines, perimeters, polygons, area and volume, and more. In short, you’ll learn about shapes and how to measure and divide them. Projects, web labs, and interactive content will help you gain the geometric know-how you need to succeed. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Algebra I.

Successful completion of this course will grant  UC “c” credit and honors credit for your school, but honors credit is not recognized by the UC for Geometry.

Prerequisites: Honors Algebra 1 A & 1B

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Semester A, Semester B

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