iLEAD Online Loves the Arts!

We are proud to offer a wide variety of arts education courses. Additionally, our course facilitators have received training and support to implement arts education into their core courses, giving learners the opportunity to express and hone their artistic skills while demonstrating mastery of academic concepts.

The following courses in our online catalog focus on the arts:

Elementary School:

  • Creature Creation

Middle School:

High School:

You can find wonderful artwork from our iLEAD Online courses HERE.

And we have some amazingly talented artists who work at iLEAD Online. We’ll be spotlighting them on Facebook and Instagram this month. Make sure to follow along to celebrate our amazing staff:

  • Jennifer Turnbull
  • Joe Shlichta
  • Kelsey Evenson
  • Jess Drake
  • Erin Jones
  • Stephanie Nazario
  • Adam Tunney
  • Cindy Marcus
  • Edie Voges
  • Olivia Rosato


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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