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Directing Change 2021: iLEAD Online Learner Entries

In the spring of 2021, five iLEAD Online learners participated in the “Directing Change Film Contest.” They researched, wrote, directed, and created their own public service announcements to make a … Continue reading “Directing Change 2021: iLEAD Online Learner Entries”

Compound Machine Science Project

Compound Machine Elevator Click link to view video! Project: Compound Machine Project – design & Build a compound machine    

Art of Rhetoric

Demonstration of the art of rhetoric (persuasive speaking or writing) and how to apply rhetorical techniques to your own speaking and writing.  

iLEAD Online Teen Health Magazine Project

Teen Health Magazine Project

Teen Health Magazine Project

The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project

In our Criminal Justice course, learners spent several weeks learning about wrongful convictions and how it happens by studying the real cases of exonerees whose cases were taken on by … Continue reading “The Innocence Project”

War and Flies

Click to view: WAR AND FLIES -Presentation by Jadon Sand After reading the novel The Lord of the Flies, learners were asked to choose from six possible … Continue reading “War and Flies”

iLEAD Online Art Gallery

iLEAD Online Art Gallery

In these samplings of typical Class Project Portfolios, learners showcase their artwork demonstrating understanding of the elements and principles of art for personal expression and the mastery of various mediums … Continue reading “iLEAD Online Art Gallery”

How Photojournalism Shaped History

A Visual History: How Photojournalism Shaped History

Learners were asked to look at a contemporary issue and connect to the past. This learner chose to explore photojournalism in portraying major events and how that influences public opinion … Continue reading “A Visual History: How Photojournalism Shaped History”