Bystanders and Upstanders

Author: Ajani Craig Ralph

Facilitator: Kathy Reynar

Course: English 11, Upper School

Project Summary: After reading multiple pieces of classic literature, learners were asked to reflect on the questions of what constitutes a “Upstander” and “Bystander” in literature and in society. Learners were challenged to find examples of Upstanders and Bystanders from people they knew personally (including themselves) and historical and literary exemplars they had researched. Learners created an online project including photos, graphics, and text defining Bystanders and Upstanders, identifying examples in each category, and including supporting evidence from the works of literature or historical evidence for their conclusions. Learners personally reflected on their own lives and how they would evaluate themselves as Bystanders or Upstanders, both in their past and in their future.

Bystanders and Upstanders Project

“I like iLEAD Online more than any other online class that I have taken. The Spanish course that I am taking right is really awesome. I would have to say that I feel like I am learning more than what I was being taught before. I mean I was getting good grades and the class was great but I didn't really feel like I was learning as much in the same time frame. It is a pleasure being part of this program.” Innovation Studios Learner Miranda Gonzalez

A Visual History: How Photojournalism Shaped History

Author: Sydney Croasmun

Facilitator: Allison Bravo

Course: United States History, Upper School

Project Summary: Learner’s were asked to look at a contemporary issue and connect to the past. This learner chose to explore photojournalism in portraying major events and how that influences public opinion and historical perspective. The learner was able to combine her passion of photography and journalism with a breadth study of history.

A Visual History Project

“The iLead online program has been such a great thing for me this year. The teachers are always there to help, and communication is so simple!” SCVi Learner Kathleen Hasse

iLEAD Online Art Gallery

Author: Various Artists

Facilitator: Erin Jones

Course: Photography 1 & 2, Digital Illustration, Intro To Animation, Exploring Visual Art, Upper School

Project Summary: In these samplings of typical Class Project Portfolios, learners showcase their artwork demonstrating understanding of the elements and principles of art for personal expression and the mastery of various mediums employed in their creation.

iLEAD Online Art Gallery

“Haiku has helped me tremendously compared to last semester’s CyberHigh course. This is because there is a teacher facilitating my learning and checkin up on me. I no longer have to look to Google or just guess because there are lesson plans that a teacher has thought out that has all of the information needed for me to successfully complete my assignments. I enjoy Haiku for the games that encourage me to look deeper into my learning, the reading that is easy to follow and prepares me of the next assignment, and for the quizzes that cover everything that I have learned. Haiku’s layout is also easier to follow. I love that this online course has a teacher who is there to help me.” SCVi Learner Megan Navas

“El Nuevo Pero” A Spanish Language Children’s Book

Author: Grace Alonzo

Facilitator: Pamela VanVelsir

Course: Spanish 1, Upper School

Project Summary: Using the vocabulary and verb forms acquired in their Spanish 1 course, learners created an original children’s book as their culminating project for the course. Learners were encouraged to be creative in their presentations and to showcase what they had learned.

El Nuevo Pero Project

“iLEAD Online classes are amazing, they give you the freedom to complete things at your own pace but you have to be dedicated to the class and to staying organized and staying on top of your work.. In the beginning I was nervous to email the teacher when I had questions but after seeing how much everyone else in the class is I found it super easy and useful to stay in constant communication with your teacher (especially since the class is online and you only get to see your teacher every week or so) and she is super great at responding in a timely manner and helping you with whatever you need help with.” iLEAD Exploration Learner Benjamin Murray

“A la Luz de la Luna” A Spanish Language Children’s Book

Author: Kathleen Haase

A la Luz de la Luna Project

“I totally recommend iLEAD Online courses to my students. The learners I have worked with like them much better than the Apex and BYU courses they were taking. The content is more engaging and the teacher support is excellent. What iLEAD Online offers is really valuable for students.” iLEAD Exploration Facilitator Mandy Larkins

“My Children’s Book” A Spanish Language Children’s Book

Author: Manuel Guantez Jr.

My Children’s Book Project

Science Labs

Author: Various

Facilitator: Brooklyne Coulter

Course: Anatomy

Project Summary: Watch our Science Lab learners in action as they attempt the mannequin challenge!

Anatomy Lab Mannequin Challenge

“Watch our Science Lab learners in action as they attempt the mannequin challenge!” Brooklyne Coulter