Pre-Calculus (2 Semesters)


Instructor: David Chae, Mandy Larkins
UC a-g credit: Yes
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Precalculus will prepare you for calculus and beyond. It is an in-depth look at many different types of functions, including polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. It also explores matrices, vectors, complex numbers, and sequences and series. Finally, you will dive into calculus by learning about limits and the driving questions behind calculus.

The purpose of this course is for students to be able solve real-life problems using mathematical skills based on algebraic and geometric concepts. Students will learn to use their prior Algebra 2 and mathematical skills and create mathematical functions and models

Students will be able to create mathematical models through trigonometric and logarithmic function. Mathematical equations/models created by students will solve real-world problems. Students will also know how to graph the mathematical functions. Mathematical models that relate to business will display the cost, revenue and maximum profit.

Prerequisites: Algebra 2A & 2B

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Semester A, Semester B

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