Photography 3 (2 semesters)

$385.00 (per semester)

Instructor: Olivia Rosato
UC a-g credit: Yes
NCAA: Not Eligible


Photography 3 exposes students to professional-level technical and fine art photography experience.  These advanced visual art students will work on a variety of skills in materials, concepts and techniques. By studying the major art movements, genres and significant artists in history, and exposure to the cultural and social influences of art, students will become fluent in articulating and identifying these elements in an artwork.  An area of artistic voice and style is also developed. Students must focus on either a particular subject matter or medium and produce a body of work for a gallery show. A portfolio worthy of inspection by colleges, scholarship committees, and potential employers is produced. This is a CTE capstone course.

UC “f” credit approved.

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Semester A, Semester B

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