Masters of the Universe (1 quarter)


Instructor: Christine Hahn
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible


***This course is not available for the Track C July/August learning period.***

Your challenge for this course will be to develop a model of the solar system and propose the best route a new telescope should take through space. In order do this, you will learn about the movement and positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon to explain things like seasons, eclipses and phases of the moon. You will also make a scale model of the solar system and explore the role of gravity and how it affects motion within our solar system. By the end of the course, you will not only be able to complete the challenge but also will come away with an appreciation for the vastness of space and an understanding of many of the phenomena we experience here on Earth.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Covered:
MS-ESS1-1. Develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to describe the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, eclipses of the sun and moon, and seasons.
MS-ESS1-2. Develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the motions within galaxies and the solar system.
MS-ESS1-3. Analyze and interpret data to determine scale properties of objects in the solar system.

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