Podcasts for Younger Learners

Podcasts for Young Leaners

Podcasts are great for all ages! The following suggestions are generally for grades 3-7.

  • The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified: This podcast is modeled after old-fashioned radio shows. Eleanor is a female radio reporter who outwits villains as she seeks to report the truth.
  • Short and Curly: This is a family-friendly ethics podcast that touches on a lot of different topics and gets kids (and parents) thinking.
  • Smash, Boom, Best: This podcast sets the stage for fun debates on hot topics, such as tacos vs. pizza and dogs vs. cats. Learners can listen in and hear the debaters make their arguments using facts and enthusiasm. You’re never too young to learn how to debate and get your point across!
  • Tumble: Scientists are interviewed on a variety of topics, and it’s interesting for the whole family.
  • Bookclubforkids.org: Middle school learners talk with the host about books they love.
  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids: Kids submit questions, and the podcast staff tracks down the answers. Check out their website to hear some of the questions and answers.


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