Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Dec 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Multicultural Ethnic Studies (1 semester)


Instructor: Thomas Dyer
UC a-g credit: Yes
NCAA: Not Eligible


Multicultural Studies is a a one-semester elective history and sociology course, that focuses on the United States as a nation of multicultural immigrants.  Multicultural studies provides a complement to a student’s overall educational experience by encompassing a wide range of perspectives on the cultural experience in the United States. By exploring the varying identities and communities that form the United States, students will gain a better understanding of both other cultures and their own. Coursework in multicultural studies will provide students with the background and tools necessary for effective and responsible citizenship in our multicultural society.  Major topics of the course will an introduction to ethnic studies, migration and movement, oppression and power, and social movements and advocacy. Students’ will investigate how race, cultures, and ethnicity have contributed to their own personal experiences. Understanding those key focus areas will allow students to be more civically engaged, and active members of their society.

UC Approved “g” credit

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