Microbiology (1 semester)


Instructor: Ebony Eggleston
UC a-g credit: Yes


It is so amazing that even in ancient times, scholars believed that diseases could be spread by organisms that are far too small to be seen by the naked eye. Before the discovery of bacteria, diseases were attributed to other sources.  Microbiology studies these microscopic organisms. In this Microbiology course we will sharpen saw as learners advance their project based learning skills to cover a range of diverse areas of microbiology, including virology, bacteriology, and applied microbiology.  Not only will learners study the microbiology in its basics, learners will focus on the medical aspects of microbiology which is a special bonus for those interested in a future career in the medical field.

UC/CSU “d” credit 

Prerequisites: Biology A & B

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Semester A, Semester B

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