Hola, me llamo: Middle School Spanish B (1 quarter)


Instructor: Kelly Dyer
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible


This second quarter of middle school Spanish allows learners to continue their experience with the Spanish language and culture.  “Middle School Spanish B” is the 2nd course in a four-part series designed to introduce and build confidence in the area of learning a new language.  The series is designed to prepare the learner for high school Spanish. Emphasis is placed on comprehension of Spanish, as well as writing practice using a variety of activities incorporating familiar vocabulary and structures in practical application. Learners will also begin to familiarize themselves with the grammar rules of Spanish, enabling them to begin to create their own sentences while speaking and writing. Learners are assessed using a variety of formats such as quizzes, discussion questions, projects and more. Continuous effort to use the target language is essential.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of “Middle School Spanish A (formerly known as Hola Me Llamo…)”

To process new vocabulary words and phrases in Spanish
To be able to pronounce and comprehend basic Spanish words and phrases
To understand and demonstrate beginning Spanish grammar
To compare and contrast cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries around the world

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