Introduction to Analysis and Critical Thinking (English 9 Honors) (2 semesters)

$385.00 (per semester)

Instructor: Bridget Valles, Emma Perret, Jessica Weiss, Kate Wolfe
UC a-g credit: Yes


Recommended for Grade 9 Honors

Studies have shown that individuals who often read high-quality fiction appear to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them, and view the world from their perspective.  That is our goal in this year-long high school-level class! We will read literature as an expression of those higher things that make us most human: our emotions, our recognition of the need for moral order, and our ability to experience the beauty of human existence.  We will spend a significant amount of time honing critical thinking and writing skills. However, effective expression comes in many forms, and learners will have the chance to develop their critical thinking skills through a variety of creative projects. In addition to the basic English I curriculum, this course encourages learners to deepen their understanding of literature, composition and critical analysis by completing supplementary projects and reading.

Text list available by request.

Successful completion of this course can grant UC “b” credit and honors credit for your school, but honors credit is not recognized by the UC for 9th grade.

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Semester A, Semester B

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