Advanced Placement Seminar (2 semesters)

$425.00 (per semester)

UC a-g credit: Yes


***This course is not available for the Track C July/August learning period.***

This course is designed to help learners achieve mastery of the following skills: developing insightful research questions, critically reading, understanding, and analyzing different investigative lenses and author/artist perspectives, evaluating the credibility of various types of sources and properly attributing information gleaned from said sources, synthesizing different source types and content areas into one coherent academic artifact, and then collaborating with peers to revise, edit, and effectively transmit these argumentative academic artifacts to a community of scholars. The bolded terms above form the acronym QUEST which outlines the skill-based focus of this course. This emphasis on skills sets this course apart from other AP courses that are, at the very least, as focused on acquisition of content knowledge as they are on the development of a learner’s skill set. The AP College Board’s endgame is to create a pathway for learners to prove that they can not only master the content of the previous AP courses, but also show proficiency in the research, writing, presentation, and collaboration skills required for excellence at the university level.

* This is not a fully self-paced course for those taking the AP exam as there is a required group project which requires specific pacing.

Recommended Grades: 11-12

UC/CSU “b” credit pending

This course fee does not include the cost of the AP College Board test 


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Semester A, Semester B

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