iLEAD Online Team Spotlight: Facilitator and CTE Lead Jennifer Turnbull


Meet Jennifer Turnbull, a dedicated facilitator and the CTE lead at iLEAD Online. With a rich background in art and education, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to her role and inspires her learners to greatness. Get to know Jennifer!

Please tell us about your background and how you came to be at iLEAD Online.

I have a bachelor of fine arts degree in drawing and painting from Cal State Fullerton and a master’s of art degree in education from the University of La Verne. I have been teaching high school art since 2006. In early 2018, iLEAD Online was looking for a new part-time arts facilitator. I interviewed for the job and was hired.

What is your role at iLEAD Online? What’s the best part about it? What’s the biggest challenge?

I am now a full-time facilitator and the CTE team lead. I really enjoy having the opportunity to help build and strengthen our CTE pathways and to help our learners become pathway completers. I think my biggest challenge is managing almost 800 different assignments in my 31 courses, but I do my best to stay on top of it all.

What do you LOVE about iLEAD Online? What sets it apart from other schools?

As an online facilitator, I really like the flexibility with the pacing of my courses. I also think it’s great that our school allows learners to redo assignments until they master them. That is usually not something they would have the opportunity to do at a brick-and-mortar school.

What are some of your favorite courses to facilitate at iLEAD Online?

I have been teaching AP Drawing since 2007 and AP 2D Art and Design since 2018. The rigorous curriculum required by the College Board can be challenging to teach to teenagers. However, my online learners have been self-motivated and hard-working. Everyone who has taken the AP Drawing and AP 2D portfolio exams through iLEAD Online has earned a passing score. It gives me great satisfaction to know that these learners earned college credit from taking my AP art classes.

In your opinion, what makes a great leader?

To me, a great leader is someone who has excellent communication skills, is good at solving problems, and is able to inspire and motivate others.

There are great social-emotional learning activities at iLEAD Online. Can you share a story about seeing them in action?

In March, I helped chaperone a school hike at Placerita Canyon in Santa Clarita. It was great seeing the learners interacting with each other while being out in nature and getting some exercise.

What does a day in your school life look like?

I spend a lot of time grading my learners’ assignments and writing them thorough and thoughtful feedback. I also reply to emails, help learners during my live hours, review their work, work on special projects with some of them, and frequently collaborate with colleagues.

What are three fun facts about you?

  • I am a fine artist and I prefer working with watercolors, oils and Prismacolors.
  • I like hiking and riding my bicycle.
  • I hiked to four of the peaks in Griffith Park and hope to make it to all of them one day.

Join us in celebrating Jennifer as she leads her learners to greater heights in academics, art, and social-emotional well-being. With her leadership and guidance, learners are thriving.


Pictured: “Dr Seema’s Healing Hands,” a watercolor painting courtesy of Jennifer Turnbull


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