Monday message 08.27.2018

Upcoming Events

December 20: Last day to sign up for Science Accelerator opportunity 

December 20: End of Semester 1 for full-time learners. 

December 20-January 15: Winter Break

January 16: Start of semester full-time families for coach meetings and advisory activities

January 17: Semester 1 official Reports of Progress emailed to full-time families 

January 27: Start of Semester 2/Quarter 3 classes 

Upcoming Events

(Please see the school calendar for more information and pacing guide for more information) August 29th: Parent University. Two virtual meeting times at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. September 3rd: Labor Day. Facilitators are off. PowerSchool is open if learners would like to complete coursework September 10th: Last day to withdrawal or drop an online course

Message from the Director

Dear Families, We hope you all had a wonderful first week of school. Whether you attend iLEAD Online full-time or part-time, we are happy you are all with us this semester. By now, you should have all received login instructions and your orientation course and academic coursework. Our online facilitators are ready for you to … Continue reading “Message from the Director”

Join Us for Parent University

Join Program Coordinator Allison Bravo from a 1-hour Zoom (video) interactive meeting for all iLEAD Online parents/families. Full-time and part-time families will enjoy getting to know more about our program and how to best support online learners. Learn basics of how to shadow your learner in PowerSchool, how/when to communicate with online facilitators and coaches, … Continue reading “Join Us for Parent University”

Course Highlights

Did you know iLEAD Online offers over 195 unique course offerings this semester? High School Course Highlight: PreCalculus Precalculus will prepare you for calculus and beyond. It is an in-depth look at many different types of functions, including polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. It also explores matrices, vectors, complex numbers, and sequences and series. … Continue reading “Course Highlights”

Tip of the Week: Preventing Eye Strain

As you adjust to extended time in front of your computer screen for learning, consider the tips in the article below for preventing eye strain and stress. “The closer the screen is to your eyes, the harder [your eyes] have to work to focus,” says Mark Rosenfield, a member of the graduate research faculty at … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Preventing Eye Strain”

Things to Do: Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered to be one of the most talented architects in American history. The first structure he built in Los Angeles is the Hollyhock House, and it is available to tour. This particular home was commissioned by a wealthy oil heiress, Aline Barnsdall. She was a fiercely independent woman who traveled, loved … Continue reading “Things to Do: Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright Home”

Things to Do: Coastal Cleanup Day

If you are looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, Coastal Cleanup Day is on Saturday, September 15.  This significant global event benefits the environment, because every year billions of pounds of debris end up in our oceans! Most of these pollutants come from storm drains, sewers, and recreational activities in or near the ocean. Volunteers … Continue reading “Things to Do: Coastal Cleanup Day”

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