iLEAD Online Collaboration & Support

Unique, ongoing, real-time learner/facilitator collaboration and support.

iLEAD Online offers a variety of support and learning scaffolding resources, including ongoing real-time facilitator support, to ensure your successful completion of the course materials.


What makes iLEAD Online truly unique and innovative in the world of online education is the ongoing real-time collaboration between you, your facilitator, and your classmates. Since iLEAD Online supports existing iLEAD programs and sites, you will be meeting regularly with guides and other learners as part of their learning experience. Collaboration is both highly recommended and highly supported within our iLEAD Online community through project cooperation, peer review, discussions, advisory, and Presentations of Learning (POLs).

Knowledge Base:

In addition to your course content, we have a relevant and constantly expanding resource center and knowledge base to augment and deepen your learning in each of your online courses.

We suggest these resources for students:


Live Chat Tutor: iLEAD Online offers a live chat tutor service Monday through Friday. Get technical help, homework help, or answers to general questions about iLEAD Online. Access the tutor on your LMS home portal.

iLEAD Online offers in-person tutoring, labs, and tech support at our learning studios.
Contact your iLEAD Online guide or facilitator to find out more information on schedules.

Your iLEAD Online facilitators are also available to meet for tutoring via video chat. Contact your facilitator to make an appointment.

DIY tutorials available here: