Facilitator Spotlight: Welcome to the Team Kelly Vojdani

I have always been in love with words, because of their immense power and influence. Words can show us new worlds, and reveal different part of ourselves.

When we read and write, we gain clarity about the person we are and the person we want to be. Because of this, I have always loved teaching English Language Arts. I love seeing how learners discover the impact of language.

For the past 12 years, I have taught a variety of English classes including: AP Language, Creative Writing, Journalism, and more, in locations such as Chula Vista, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Last year, I co-wrote a book called Words Ignite: Explore, Write, and Perform Classic and Spoken Word Poetry, that speaks about poetry’s power to transform. As a poet myself, my work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review, Nashville Review, The Boiler, Muzzle, and more. My debut poetry collection, Boat Burned, is forthcoming from YesYes Books. It is through writing that I have discovered the most about myself and the world.

I love teaching for iLEAD Online, and hope that our Literature and Composition courses will teach learners the power of language and story.


Facilitator Spotlight: Kelly Vojdani

Our fearless and caring English Department leader and English facilitator Kelly Vojdani has a new book of poetry coming out this January. We are proud of Kelly and are lucky to have her as part of our online family. You can purchase her new book HERE.