Character Corner: Social-Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

October is for GRIT !

iLEAD believes in educating the whole learner, valuing not just academic success but social-emotional development, as well. Each month, iLEAD Online will be highlighting a social-emotional competence that will be incorporated into each of our courses. This month we will be focusing on Grit.

Excellence does not come from natural talent, it comes from hard work. Grit is a predictor for if someone will accomplish challenging life goals. Learners with grit are more likely to graduate from high school, and grittier cadets are more likely to complete their training at West Point. In research studies, grit and measures of talent and IQ are unrelated, suggesting that talent puts no limits on the capacity for passion and perseverance (Character Lab).

If you are interested in reading more about Grit, check out these awesome resources and websites:


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Upcoming Events

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