Online classes and enrichment opportunities continue unchanged
Online classes and enrichment opportunities are unchanged.
Posted on: Feb 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Junior Symposium: Life on Purpose (1 semester)


Instructor: Erin Acquaviva
UC a-g credit: Not Eligible
NCAA: Not Eligible


***This course is not available for the Track C/August learning period.***


This 1-semester course serves juniors in their second semester as they begin to think about their transition out of high school and into the the world. The course begins with creating a master plan and moves into a discovery of self. We are all uniquely different. We will dive into what make you, YOU. From there learners will begin to prepare for their next steps after high school whether it be college, travel, trade school, work, a gap year, or something else. Learners will engage in projects, research and online group discussions where they can share what they are finding out about themselves and the endless options that exist after high school.

Who should take it: Second-semester Juniors or anyone preparing for their senior year.
Benefits: This is going to support learners with a plan for themselves. This is for all learners, not just learners going to college. Not only will they walk away with a plan, but they will have a better understanding of self and purpose.

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