Advanced Placement Chemistry (2 semesters)

$375.00 (per semester)

Instructor: Cara Hale-Hanes
UC a-g credit: Yes


*This Course is not offered during Track C/ Summer Enrollment*

Wondering about atoms and chemical reactions? This chemistry course tackles the atomic world through the perspective of food, engineering and medicine. Learning is anchored to real world problems and organized around these experiences. The laboratories will give you a chance to explore chemical
changes in our body, as well as in the world around us. Accept the challenge to learn at the nano level?
Join the community of nano scientists as we delve into the atomic world through AP chemistry.
Prerequisite: Chemistry
Co-requisite: Algebra 2

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UC/CSU “d” credit 

This course fee does not include the cost of the AP College Board test 

Prerequisites: Chemistry A & B + Algebra 2A & 2B

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Semester A, Semester B

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