Tip: Podcasts for High School Learners

Podcasts for High School Learners

There are so many worthwhile podcasts available! We were able to find several highly recommended ones for high schoolers, and they cover a wide range of topics. In no particular order, here are 10 podcasts that we hope will spark the interests of our high schoolers.

    1. DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar: This weekly podcast is put on by Stanford University; it features entrepreneurs and innovators who share what they have learned while developing and launching their businesses.
    2. NASA Science Casts: Science comes to life when teens can hear the latests news presented by experts.
    3. 99% Invisible: This podcast presents topics that most of us have likely never considered. Why are there inflatable men in used car lots? Who came up with the idea of fortune cookies? What’s the story behind the peace-sign?
    4. Daily Boost: This podcast is funny and personable. The topics arm the listener with new life strategies and tips. It’s quick, fun, and easy to digest.
    5. NPR: This I Believe: Here’s a chance to stretch your understanding of others. People from around the world share personal essays about their values and how they shape their lives.
    6. eBay Radio: Do you have a learner who wants to be an entrepreneur? This podcast teaches listeners the ins and outs of being an eBay success.
    7. Practical Money Skills: So many adults wish they had a better understanding of finances. This seems like an excellent opportunity for high schoolers to learn the basics of money management before they are living on their own.
    8. Artists Helping Artists: Learn how to sell art online and listen to guest artists, gallerists, and other people in the art industry.
    9. The Podcast History of our World: Listening to an expert can be so much more interesting than reading history. This podcast covers everything from the Big Bang to modern times.
    10. Start Cooking: High schoolers may want to improve their cooking skills to prepare for the future. The recipes we saw were quick and easy.


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