Monday message 10.21.2019

Dear Families,

We are going into Q2 this week. We hope you are enjoying your courses and getting to know your facilitators and peers. Please make sure to check out the pacing guide so you can plan accordingly for this second half of the semester. 

Congrats to our elementary and middle schoolers for completing their first quarter of the year! It takes grit and determination to finish an online class, and we are proud of each of you for your growth and for what you contribute to our organization.

And as always, we love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve your experience with iLEAD Online. 

With gratitude,
The iLEAD Online team 

Upcoming Events

December 12-13: Lancaster Nutcracker Field Trip

December 20: Last day to sign up for Science Accelerator opportunity 

December 13: End of Semester 1 content – no new coursework after this date

December 20: End of Semester 1 for full-time learners

January 16: Start of semester full-time families for coach meetings and advisory activities

January 17: Semester 1 official Reports of Progress emailed to full-time families 

January 27: Start of Semester 2/Quarter 3 classes

iLEAD Online Loves Feedback!

We love hearing from you! Please click the link below to complete an anonymous short survey about your experience with iLEAD Online.  iLEAD Online Survey

Character Corner: Social-Emotional Learning

October is for GRIT ! iLEAD believes in educating the whole learner, valuing not just academic success but social-emotional development, as well. Each month, iLEAD Online will be highlighting a social-emotional competence that will be incorporated into each of our courses. This month we will be focusing on Grit.  Excellence does not come from natural … Continue reading “Character Corner: Social-Emotional Learning”

Upcoming Field Studies

iLEAD Online is excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming Field Studies series.  Field Studies are a good way for learners to deepen their learning, try something new, make friends, and participate in the iLEAD community. Plus, they are fun! Please feel free to share the document with your families. Here are some … Continue reading “Upcoming Field Studies”

Free Field Study Opportunity

Hello Future – LA Promise Fund Field Study Experience for young women in grades 6-12th iLEAD Online has been invited to attend Hello Future’s Career Fair and Expo on Oct. 24th. This is a free event for female learners in grades 6-12. Participants will have Interactive and immersive experiences with the latest new technology and … Continue reading “Free Field Study Opportunity”

Tip of the Week

Did you know that iLEAD Online offers live office hours and tutoring? Whether you need help with an assignment or need a better explanation, iLEAD Online can help you. We have a variety of different office hours throughout the week that you can join in order to receive support. Just because you are an online … Continue reading “Tip of the Week”

Five Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling

Five Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling Learning Styles – Curriculum and teaching approaches can be modified for each student. Responsibility – Learners typically learn to take responsibility for their learning schedules and develop good study habits.  Socialization – When kids are homeschooled, they socialize with people from a broader range of ages.  They are not in … Continue reading “Five Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling”

Things to Do: Moonlight Forest

The LA Arboretum & Botanic Garden has many upcoming events that iLEAD families may enjoy. One of the most magical is the Moonlight Forest, which runs from November 9th through January 12th. This is a family-friendly event where you can take a stroll through the gardens and see illuminated creations of animals, plants, and other … Continue reading “Things to Do: Moonlight Forest”

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