Monday message 01.29.2018

Upcoming Events

(Please see the school calendar for more information and pacing guide for more information)

  • October: MAP Testing. See Coaches Corner for MAP Testing. If you have not tested, please reach out to your coach. Map Testing is vital for developing the Individualized Learning Plan goals.
  • October 11th: Upper School Science Lab at Lancaster (Please register or check Lab schedules here)
  • October 14th/October 18th: End of Quarter 1. All Quarter-Long classes due.
  • October 18th: Upper School Science Lab at iLEAD Exploration OC (Please register or check Lab schedules here)
  • October 24th: Hello Future – field study for young women in grades 6-12 (Register here)
  • October 29th: Wildlife Learning Center Field Study (Register Here)

Message from the Director

Hello Families, The semester ends this Friday. Contact your course facilitator if you need help or have questions. Select the GRADES tab from within a course to view your current grade and progress. Thank you, Erin Jones Director, iLEAD Online

Calendar Updates

Please See our Middle School and/or High School Course Calendars for important dates! iLEAD Online Middle School Course Calendar iLEAD Online High School Course Calendar

Tip of the Week: High Schoolers’ Experiment gets Scientists’ Attention

Do you sleep with your computer turned on and near your bed?  Do you use your cell phone as your alarm clock?  Many of us do both. Perhaps this article will make you rethink these practices. A group of high school girls in Denmark created an experiment to explore the impact of Wifi radiation on … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: High Schoolers’ Experiment gets Scientists’ Attention”

Whale Watching Opportunities

If you are lucky enough to live in the migratory path of 20,000 gray whales, take advantage of witnessing these giants as they pass by the Pacific Coast shoreline. The peak of their southern migration usually occurs in mid-January and the peak of the northern migration is in mid-March. Cows with their calves (typically born … Continue reading “Whale Watching Opportunities”

Fireside at the Miles

Students – $5 Adults – $10 Fireside at the Miles is a place where you can cozy up by an open fire to enjoy a variety of cultural presentations including beat-boxing, storytelling, jazz, and more. Seating is limited, so reservations are recommended; tickets can be reserved in advance by phone or email. For more information, including … Continue reading “Fireside at the Miles”

Course Facilitator Spotlight: Myrna Lozano

I am an Innovation Studios Guide at iLEAD Pacoima and have been a middle school facilitator for the past five years. I have expertise in the field of history and earned my degree at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. I have been in the teaching field for about six years. I knew at a young … Continue reading “Course Facilitator Spotlight: Myrna Lozano”

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