Monday message 12.10.2018

Dear Families,

Thank you for such a fun semester. Here are some of our favorite thoughts from learners, parents, coaches, and facilitators:

“I love learning in my pajamas.”

“Learning online gives me the time to do what I love.”

“My classes are so interesting.”

“I like doing things with my hands and then being able to turn them in online.”

“My teachers are so nice.”

“Our coach is so sweet. She guides us through every step on the way and makes my daughter feel included and heard.”

“Everyone at iLEAD is so responsive to our needs and helpful.”

“Learners are funny, curious, smart, and creative. I love my job.”

“I have a stronger connection with my online students than I ever did with students in a traditional classroom.”

Your feedback is valuable to us. If you have not already left feedback in your course, please gift us with your opinions HERE. You may complete the survey as many times as you need to leave feedback for each of the courses you took with us.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Click here for the academic calendar. Just added: 2020-21!

June 12: Track A officially ends for spring 2020

June 21: Final grade reports sent out

Track C (Summer Program) enrollment is open. (Click here to register!)

August 24: Track A officially begins for fall 2020

Winter Break is Coming Up

This is our last week of school before winter break. Facilitators are available to answer questions about grades, give recommendations on course selection for next semester, etc. Please let us … Continue reading “Winter Break is Coming Up”

Coach’s Corner

Happy last Monday of the 2018 school year! The next Monday Message we have will be in 2019! Elementary and middle school learners, this is the final week of the … Continue reading “Coach’s Corner”

Tip of the Week: Go Outside!

The research is clear. Children and teenagers benefit from nature more than any other age group. Nature has a direct effect on the functioning of our immune health, stress levels, … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Go Outside!”

Learner Spotlight: Milena Devera

Hello, my name is Milena, but you can call me “Nana.” I’m a high schooler at iLEAD Exploration who takes some classes with iLEAD Online. As part of my project-based … Continue reading “Learner Spotlight: Milena Devera”

Things to Do: Winter Glow

“Winter Glow” is a free, immersive, nighttime art event that covers 12 acres of Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles. Light and projections will transform paths and highlight park features … Continue reading “Things to Do: Winter Glow”

Things to Do: Wildlife Photography Exhibit

The Natural History Museum is hosting the exhibit, “Wildlife Photographer of the Year.” Ninety-nine photographs taken by professionals and amateurs (including kids) from around the world are on display. This … Continue reading “Things to Do: Wildlife Photography Exhibit”

Things to Do: King Tut Artifacts

King Tut’s tomb was discovered nearly 100 years ago, in 1922, and now is your chance to see the largest traveling exhibit to ever come to the U.S. There are … Continue reading “Things to Do: King Tut Artifacts”

Attention, Seniors! Scholarship Opportunity

iLEAD Education is proud to sponsor a scholarship program for the 2018-2019 school year. In support of lifelong learning, iLEAD Education has dedicated funds to be awarded to high school … Continue reading “Attention, Seniors! Scholarship Opportunity”

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