Monday message 08.20.2018

Upcoming Events

December 20: Last day to sign up for Science Accelerator opportunity 

December 20: End of Semester 1 for full-time learners. 

December 20-January 15: Winter Break

January 16: Start of semester full-time families for coach meetings and advisory activities

January 17: Semester 1 official Reports of Progress emailed to full-time families 

January 27: Start of Semester 2/Quarter 3 classes 

Upcoming Events

(Please see the school calendar for more information) August 21st: First day of fall semester

Message from the Director

Dear Families, Fall courses begin Tuesday, August 21st. If you are a returning learner already familiar with iLEAD Online courses, you will be added directly to your subject area courses. If you are new to iLEAD Online, before school begins, you will receive important account activation and orientation information, with details on how to log … Continue reading “Message from the Director”

Course Highlights

High School Course Highlight: Multicultural Studies Multicultural Studies is a one-semester elective history and sociology course that focuses on the United States as a nation of multicultural immigrants. Multicultural studies provides a complement to a student’s overall educational experience by encompassing a wide range of perspectives on the cultural experience in the United States. By … Continue reading “Course Highlights”

Tip of the Week: Exercise Breaks for a Stronger Body and Healthier Brain

As the school year kicks off and computer time increases, learn how to insert quick exercise breaks into your schedule. In this short video, Dr. Zach Bush explains how we can quickly oxidate our body (including the brain), build muscle, and increase our metabolism. He recommends exercising large muscle groups in four-minute sessions. If you … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Exercise Breaks for a Stronger Body and Healthier Brain”

Things to Do: Coastal Cleanup Day

If you are looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, Coastal Cleanup Day is on Saturday, September 15.  This significant global event benefits the environment, because every year billions of pounds of debris end up in our oceans! Most of these pollutants come from storm drains, sewers, and recreational activities in or near the ocean. Volunteers … Continue reading “Things to Do: Coastal Cleanup Day”

iLEAD Schools 2018 Staff Retreat

As part of preparing for the new school year, our team joined the rest of iLEAD California for an inspiring all-staff retreat on Aug. 13 and 14. This retreat was an important opportunity for professional development and discussion, as well as a chance to connect with our fellow iLEAD team members!

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