At the heart of learning is your child. Create Crate provides the opportunity for your child to put their fingerprint on education and make it their own. More than just a box of instructions and materials to make a product, Create Crate is a semester of adjustable, engaged, and guided learning, all from the comfort of your home.

Your Create Crate box contains a semester’s worth of carefully cultivated learning materials that align with California State Standards. Each four-week series of hands-on learning activities corresponds to an online course and covers four core subjects: English language arts, math, science, and social science. The hands-on learning materials and online content complement one another to create a rich experience. Under every project, there is an authentic and cross-disciplinary challenge. A good project solves a problem! Learners have the opportunity to express creativity, use problem-solving skills, and apply learned content to real-world problems.

Both the learner and parent partner with a credentialed teacher to dive deep into the weekly content, which culminates with a project related to real-world skills. Our facilitator does the hard work for you: from supporting growth opportunities to providing feedback and assessing your child’s strengths, parents can partner as little or as much as desired.

Weekly live sessions allow for engagement with other students and parents, conversation with the facilitator (teacher), and live learning activities and support.


Interdisciplinary Project Experiences

Learning Experience 1: The Most Fabulous, Incredible Me
You are special and important; you are here for a unique reason and purpose. Join us on a journey of the most fabulous, incredible you. Learn why you matter and how you are an important part of our community, society, and world. We are going to discover how our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health are interconnected and equally important. As we discover how to care for ourselves and those around us, we will inspire others with a newspaper that shares cool and fun ways to care for our minds, bodies, and souls. An official “ME within WE” Publishing.

Learning Experience 2: The Environment and I
Welcome to the Environment and I. How can we learn to love our Earth? Let’s learn about it and all its beautiful inhabitants. The more we learn about this amazing planet, the more we will strive to care for it and save it. This four-week exploration of learning journeys through the interdependent relationship between us and our environment. Each week will focus on a different element of the universe: what it is and why it matters. Week one is Earth, week two is air, week three is water, and week four is fire. Each week will explore different components of these elements and how we can all work together to save the world.

Learning Experience 3: The World Community and I
Welcome to the World Community and I. This learning experience will help foster an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance through education and knowledge. There is so much turmoil in the world today. Often, we fear what we do not know or understand. In an attempt to remedy that, journey with us on an adventure of understanding. Gain knowledge about the world, others, and yourself. Let us seek first to understand each other’s language, traditions, customs, food, and clothing. There are so many wonderful things to learn. Join us as we learn and grow together.

Learning Experience 4: My Place in Space
What is space? Learn about how “space” is more than just where the planets and moon are located. During this learning experience, students will explore how and why the way we use the space around us matters. What’s in our space, and what does it say about us? What does it say about the way we treat the environment and others around us? What’s an ethical use of space? Jump in and explore with us!