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Tip of the Week: Documentaries Zero in on Issues

Documentaries are a great tool for learning about important issues and how they impact real people. This particular list should spark some meaningful discussions and projects. Teaching tips are … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Documentaries Zero in on Issues”

Tip of the Week: Problem Solved!

Stuck on a math problem? Photomath may be helpful. Simply use your phone to scan a problem, and this app will show you all the steps necessary to solve … Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Problem Solved!”

Tip of the Week

You are likely on your computer or phone several hours a day. Did you know that the tint and light on the screen can tamper with your natural sleep pattern? … Continue reading “Tip of the Week”

Tip of the Week Khan Academy offers learners an abundance of free information and guidance! This service started when Sal Khan was tutoring one of his cousins and realized there was a demand … Continue reading “Tip of the Week”

Tip of the Week

Quizlet is a wonderful tool that can help students master the topics they are studying. Custom flashcards and games are a piece of cake to create!

Powerschool Learning

Hopefully everyone has gotten the hang of Powerschool Learning, our learning management system. Our facilitators include incredible content in each of their courses, along with suggested pacing. This is intended … Continue reading “Powerschool Learning”